Where Red Fox Design came from

Where Red Fox Design came from

Posted by James McHardy

Hello and welcome to Red Fox Design!

For our first blog post I thought I would tell you a little bit more about us and how we got to here. In 2012 we had moved back to Ireland from UK and were working regular retail jobs and were looking for something a bit more! One night we decided to just give it a go and open a shop!

We wanted a name that was Irish but also one that people who didn't speak Irish (always handy to have a name people can actually pronounce!) so we decided on Rua. In Irish Rua means red and went with a fox for the logo which is Madra Rua in Irish (it literally means red dog). When it came to naming the new company we wanted something that would tie in with that but also had more about what we actually do and so Red Fox Design was born!



It was a little bit crazy but we were in a position to do it and thought we would take a shot! We opened the shop 16th February 2013 it took a bit longer than we thought and ended up with a lot of heart shaped chocolate!

If you're thinking about opening a shop the first 6 months are really tough! For a whole we were thinking oh no what have we done! Luckily after those first tricky few months we turned a corner and it became a lot more fun.

After a year or so we had given up trying to find the right sort of cards and so went about designing our own. The plan was just to sell them from the shop but people liked them so much we started to get approached by other shops to stock them as well. We had lived in Edinburgh for a year before we opened the shop and it was always somewhere we wanted to go back to and when our lease was up on the shop we decided the time was right to go back and decided to give something new a try so we decided to move on from just doing cards to designing all the products you see on the site now.

 When we first started looking for somewhere to base the company we naturally started by looking in Edinburgh but it would have ended up being a bit of a commute and there was really no need for us to be the city so we started to look further a field and eventually stumbled upon some office that were an old school house.

We also have a nice walk home in the evenings.

Red Fox is a small husband and wife team comprised of my wife Cara and me (hi there) ably supported by two cats.


And that is the story of Red Fox Design! Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions feel free to ask away!


Thanks for reading

James & Cara (& peanut & sox cat)

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