*Rua rewards*


Introducing our new Rua rewards scheme!

Its a lot like a lot of the points systems you are familiar with at big name companies. You buy stuff you get points you build those points stuff and you can get stuff for free yay! Here is a breakdown of how the points system works:


You can sign up by clicking on the little pink icon on the bottom right of the screen of by here https://www.shoprua.co.uk/#smile-home.


Ways to earn

Sign up: 750 points

Ordering: 15 Rua points per £1 spent.

Follow on Instagram: 250 points

Its your birthday?: Thats 250 points too!

You can also earn points by referring other people. You can share your unique referral code and when that person places their first order they will get 15% off and you will get 4000 points! Your code to share is available in the Rua rewards control panel.


Ways to redeem

You have two ways to spend your points. You can get free shipping on any order for 5000 points or exchange 1500 points for £1.


As always terms & conditions apply and chances can be made at any time!

Points for signing up & following on Instagram are only applied once during an accounts lifetime.

Birthday points are only awarded once per year and are only eligible to be rewards if account member inputs their date of birthday 30 days prior to the calendar date it falls one. (Example, if the account member's next birthday is April 1st, 2019 they will need to input that date by March 1st, 2019 to be eligible for these points during that calendar year.)

We reserve the right to determine in our sole and absolute discresion whether points should be applied to an account and can adjust accounts accordingly. You acknowledge that any such determination by us is final and binding don't worry we're pretty sound though so you would need to be really taking the mick for that to happen!  Rua rewards is powered by smile.io and all their terms & conditions apply see their website for more details.