About us

Hi and welcome to Rua/Red Fox Design!

Red Fox Design was born in Ireland in 2014 at the time we were running our own shop in Dublin and despite the huge numbers of card publishers we just couldn't find the right sort of thing for us so decided to design our own!

In 2015 we relocated to the UK and set up Red Fox Design and here we are!

We're a husband and wife team with two little cat helpers!

 Why Red Fox Design?

When we started our shop in Ireland we wanted an Irish word that people who didn't speak Irish would be able to pronounce (that would be pretty handy right!). In the end we opted for Rua, which kind of translates as red, and we had a fox as our logo (the Irish for Fox is madra rua which literally translates as dog red) so when we were coming up with a name to design under we wanted something that tied in with that and Red Fox Design fit the bill!

Rua Morninside.

Since we left Ireland we had been pining for another shop so just before Christmas 2017 we opened up another Rua at 215 Morninside! We tried to come up with another name but just couldn't think of anything else we liked as much! We hope you like our new shop and pop in to see us soon!